Beef Running Team members recognize the nutritional benefits of lean beef and the vital role this high-quality protein plays in their training. As each member strives to reach his or her goals, the Colorado Beef Council is excited to cheer them on and support their activities.

How does it work?

All members are required to participate in a team Webinar/conference call once per running season. This will give us time to get you some background on the beef industry and great beef nutrition tips that you can use and share with your fellow runners. (New this year: Webinars will need to be completed by the first race on May 1. Anyone who has not completed a webinar by this time will forfeit their spot on the team. We have a huge wait list, so if you do not complete your webinar by May 1 someone else will be bumped up to your spot on the team.) You will be provided with a tech t-shirt that you will need to wear in the race. Upon completion of one of the reimbursable races, upload a picture of yourself in your shirt at the race and fill out the reimbursement form. You will be reimbursed for your entry fee into the race (early bird rate only; see reimbursement info below as reimbursements have changed) via a check that will be mailed to you. (You must sign up for each race that you plan on participating in on your own. By signing up for the running team does not mean that you've also signed up for the individual races.) All reimbursement requests must be in by November 1, 2016.

Team Beef Jerseys

Once your registration for Team Beef is received, you'll get an email with information on how to obtain your Team Beef running jerseys. You will have to pay for your shirt upfront, but upon completion of your first race you will be reimbursed up to $25 for your shirt. Once you order your shirt, just forward the email order confirmation that you will receive to so I have it for your record and can reimburse you accordingly.

How do I stay involved?

There is a team Facebook group page that will allow you to meet your fellow teammates as well as giving you an outlet to stay involved throughout the year. Weekly nutrition information, recipes and other fun tips will be posted for you to share. You might even get to win beef garb or sporting event tickets! (Facebook page is only for current team members.)

Once I join and run a race, how do I get reimbursed?

Reimbursements will continue to be as they were in years past. While you can still get full reimbursement for your races, we’d like to encourage you to run more than one. Here is the structure and how you’ll get reimbursed:
    1st race you run: 50% of your reimbursement fee (and jersey reimbursement if you ordered one)
    2nd race you run: the second half of your first race and 50% of your 2nd race
    3rd race you run: the second half of your 2nd race and 100% of your 3rd race
    4 or more races: full reimbursement upon completion of the race
We will have to cap you at $300 (this does not include your jersey reimbursement), so please plan your races accordingly. You have 2 weeks from the date of the race to submit your reimbursement requests. 

Click here to fill out your reimbursement request

Want to become a member of the Beef Running Team?

The 2016 Team Beef is currently full! If you'd like to have your name placed on the wait list, please email If a space opens up you'll receive notification.

Do you have questions? Just email Team Beef!