Healthy Beef-Eating Hacks

How did you do that so quick?  What is your trick?  We have included some of our favorite beef-eating hacks for you.  


Batch Cook for now and then

Out of time and still need to create a meal.  Cook ahead!  Put a roast in the slow cooker at the beginning of the week and enjoy pre-planned meals for the next few days.  Not into roast - cook an extra steak to slice for another meal or brown extra hamburger and freeze it for another day.

How to Batch Cook Beef


Use Less Ingredients

Not much in the pantry - no problem.  These 5-ingredient recipes are just what you need for that busy day.

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One Dish Meals

Great idea - one dish!  Less mess, less clean-up.  No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning up after enjoying a great meal.  Try these out.

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Healthy Snacks

For those days you just need a little something more - here are a few road-friendly snack options.

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