Protein Power

We all need protein. The protein in beef provides specific nutrition your body needs to build and preserve muscle, and help you maintain a healthy body weight. Which is AWESOME, because beef is delicious and there are a multitude of ways to create healthy beef meals and snacks to fuel your active lifestyle. Discover more reasons to love beef in your nutritious diet, and tips to get the most out of it! 


Protein Challenge

Research shows spreading protein intake evenly throughout the day may be the most beneficial for overall health and wellness.  We challenge you to try it for 30 days and we will help you!

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Beef's Big 10 Nutrients

You knew that beef was full of nutrients - but did you know there are 10 essential ones in each serving of beef?  

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Protein Cheat Sheet

This helpful guide will help you stock up on protein from a variety of sources. 

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Burger Battle

Before you decide to swap Ground Turkey for Ground Beef, check the nutrition label to make sure you are making the best substitution for your health.

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Protein Benefits

Why beef?  Because it has high-quality protein and more.  Compare beef to other proteins and you will understand.

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Grass vs Grain

All cattle eat grass; some eat it longer than others and some eat grain.  Both are nutritious, you choose.

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