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Are you Up for a Protein Challenge? 

The 30 Day Protein Challenge is an exciting, easy-to-follow plan to add protein-rich foods to daily life. It focuses on feeling satisfied and energized after meals, which could lead to less snacking and eating out of boredom. It also helps you understand how the foods you eat affect your mood. Start the Protein Challenge today!

Trying to find local Colorado beef? 

Do you want to buy beef from a local Colorado producer? Try Colorado Market Maker, a searchable database provided by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Give it a try!

A Commitment to Sustainability and Green Farming Practices

America's cattle ranchers have a vested interest in sustainable environmental practices. After all, the industry thrives on multi-generational family farms, meaning land stewardship and best practices for green farming go hand-in-hand with managing a successful and long term family business. Find out more!

Colorado Team Beef

Beef Running Team members recognize the nutritional benefits of lean beef. Learn more about Colorado Team Beef

Colorado's Producers

Ever wonder who produces your food? What a typical day on a cattle ranch is like? Read about our beef producers!

10 Essential Nutrients

Find out all you need to know about fitting beef into your healthy lifestyle.