Hereford cow in pasture

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beef sustainability: fact vs myth

Six facts vs myths concerning sustainability of farming and ranching.

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beef sustainability facts 2021

Water, open space, wildfire prevention, emissions and carbon are highlighted in this fact sheet.

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animated sustainability infographics

Series of animated infographics concerning different environmental impacts.

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beef lifecycle

Two-page document showing the beef lifecycle from pasture to plate.

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choices of beef

Document that explains the differences between grain-finished, grass-fed, organic and natural.

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beef videos

Videos about the beef industry.


VIDEO: beef lifecycle

U.S. sustainability overview

This two-page executive summary puts into context the science supporting U.S. beef cattle sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions, upcycling, and the ecosystem services to the country uniquely contributed by U.S. cattle.


sustainably raised

From Pasture to Plate, the beef community is committed to raising the beef consumers crave in a safe, human and sustainable way. 

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Beef sustainability facts 2022

Converting plants to protein, wildlife habitat and carbon in the atmosphere are addressed on this fact sheet.

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cattle's role in managing wildfire 2022

Learn the many ways cattle help manage wildfires.

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