Hereford cow in pasture

meat substitutes/nutrition

powerful protein

Fact sheet talking about high quality protein and its benefits.

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surprising facts about beef

Two-page fact sheet addressing 7 myths about lean beef.

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Beef's top 10

Sheet listing beef's top 10 nutrients and their functions.

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grain vs grass beef

Two-page fact sheet comparing different production practices and the impact on nutrition quality.

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beef cut chart

Beef cut chart with cooking methods.

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protein benefits

Protein from beef has a variety of benefits as a low-calorie source of protein as compared to other sources.

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Meat substitutes ad

Digital ad made to be used on social media.

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ground beef & substitute comparisons

Nutritional comparison of ground beef and meat substitutes.

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the facts about meat alternatives

Summary of market research and issue responses regarding meat substitutes.

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meat substitutes in retail

Article from August written for retailers about beef and meat  substitutes.

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