What classes are eligible?

The variety of classes being taught is amazing!  In trying to meet the needs of as many schools as possible, we changed the way the beef grant money is allocated.  It is now based on number of classes taught by age group/type of class.

  • Catering/ProStart              $65 per class
  • High School Class            $65 per class
How is a class defined?

Gordon Ramsey and his friends all go to your school. Gordon enrolls in your class. He should receive the benefit of the Beef Grant during his class. (This is really the premise behind how the money is going to be allocated to schools for the Beef Grant.) How many beef cookery classes do you teach each year?

  • If Gordon is in a class that is a year-long class and beef cookery is taught – that is one class.
  • If Gordon is in a class that lasts one semester and then signs up for a second semester and is taught beef cookery in both classes – then that is two classes.
  • If Gordon signs up for the 1st quarter, Rachel Ray signs up for the 2nd quarter, Guy Fieri signs up for 3rd quarter and the Pioneer Woman signs up for the 4th quarter and they are each taught beef cookery – then that is 4 classes. But you teach that class twice a day – then it is 8 classes during the 2023-2024 year.

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